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Developing solutions to business and user challenges through research, analysis, creativity, and planning.


Mark Mulvey is currently a marketing strategist with 9 years of professional experience within the technology space, spanning tactical project management responsibilities and strategic consulting. He has worked on multi-million dollar engagements with brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Verizon, Credit Suisse, and Motorola, responsible for both tactical and process guidance informed by data and research as well as overarching thought leadership and trend-watching.

Mark is also the founder of QuikCallus LLC, creating the original callus enhancer for musicians and handling patent filing responsibilities, e-commerce site design and development, label design, manufacturing & supply chain negotiations, financial accounting, product fulfillment, and search marketing. The company was sold in 2011.

Additional traits: book junkie, math fiend, surfer, student, musician, and fierce defender of the scientific method.


Developing and presenting strategic guidance for businesses and marketing agencies, grounded in specific tactics and held to measurable results.

Market Research & Analysis


Data & Analytics

User Experience

CRM & Social Strategy

Project Management


Passionate about exploring connections between seemingly unrelated fields of study.

Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ)

Bachelor of Arts - Music Graduated: 2005

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude (G.P.A. 3.769)
  • Member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society & National Society for Collegiate Scholars
  • Primary concentration in music (theory, composition, history, sight-singing, and performance), with general education requirements in logic, mathematics, geology, philosophy, literature, nutrition, anthropology, and psychology
  • Continuing Education

    Current Courses:

  • Single Variable Calculus (MIT) [Link]

    Completed Courses:

  • How To Start A Startup (Stanford) [Link]
  • Special Relativity (World Science U.) [Link]
  • Inflationary Cosmology - Master Class: Alan Guth (World Science U.) [Link] [Certificate of Participation]

  • Experience

    Always immersed in the worlds of technology, digital media, and design.


    Interactive Marketing Agency

    Strategist / New York, NY / 2012 - Current

    My primary role was to develop strategic digital marketing guidance for high-profile clients, driven by primary and secondary research, data analysis, competitive analysis, behavioral insights, digital trends, and emerging market opportunities. I made a concerted effort to remain present well past Discovery and Ideation phases in order to guide the execution and hold the team, and myself, to measurable results. I also worked in close partnership with the User Experience team to design tactical recommendations within web development, social media, and SEO workstreams. Outside of day-to-day client responsibilities I also acted as primary mentor and manager for the 2013 & 2014 summer intern program, advising on various aspects of agency dynamics, pitch development tactics, team building, creative ideation, storytelling, and presentation skills.

    Project Manager / New York, NY / 2011 - 2012

    Acted as project leader and client contact for multiple successfully-launched web development initiatives and ad creative productions, with experience in both waterfall-style and Agile/Kanban methodologies. I was responsible for weekly project forecasts, team member staffing, and accuracy of billable hours in order to consistently fall within budget and on deadline. This involved working extensively with a wide range of disciplines including information architects, developers (back-end and front-end), content strategists, visual designers, search engineers, data analysts, and functional analysts.

    Project Lead / New York, NY / 2010 - 2011

    My role was to act as the single point of contact for a retained client team of ~60 members while supporting project managers, producers, and the program director with client meetings, team Basecamp administration, file-sharing, financial reporting, and team staffing. I also developed extensive process documentation, onboarding resources, and brand guideline forms for quickly ramping up new team members.

    M5 Networks

    Cloud-based Enterprise VoIP Service

    Director of Client Service Accounts / New York, NY 2009 - 2010

    Directed a team of 6 project managers, with responsibilities that included defining role descriptions, conducting one-on-one meetings and performance reviews, approving expense reports, developing monthly revenue projections using data, and leveraging raw CRM data to produce meaningful reports using Microsoft Excel's PivotTable feature and various logic formulas. I also served as the escalation point for customer negotiations, pricing discussions, IT-related process breakdowns or failures, and inter-departmental conflicts. My work with the Engineering and Development teams consisted of providing client-centric feedback on UX interface design for upcoming software releases.

    Project Manager / New York, NY / 2007 - 2009

    Successfully implemented over 90 business-grade IP technology based solutions across a varied set of client verticals including legal, financial, advertising, government, charities, and entertainment, managing up to 15 simultaneous projects spanning multiple locations across the country. The role regularly required communication to C-Level executives in all aspects of IP telephony including carrier routing scenarios, IP protocols such as SCCP and SIP, best practices for LAN design and switch configuration, and phone system design as it impacts business and user experience. This demanded a detailed knowledge of TCP/IP protocol for both data and voice implementations, familiarity with both IP and traditional telephony technology, experience managing installations of both managed point-to-point T1 circuits and MPLS cloud networks, specific knowledge of Cisco proprietary hardware and configurations, and firsthand experience working with VLAN and dual-physical network environments. I also spent 4 months as the sole trainer for a new sales and provisioning team as part of a start-up priority initiative.

    QuikCallus, LLC

    Consumer Goods Startup (Sold in 2011)

    Founder & Brand Manager / New York, NY / 2007 - 2011

    Responsible for the product launch of QuikCallus brand callus enhancer. Tasks included the establishment of LLC filing, patent research and application filing, e-commerce website design and development, logo and product label creation, manufacturing negotiations and agreements, establishment of best accounting practices, product fulfillment and shipping services, and executing a successful social media marketing campaign utilizing the latest web-based tactics and search engine optimization strategies.


    A combination of communication, workplace software, creative applications, and programming languages.

    HTML5, CSS, & Bootstrap

    Writing & Storytelling

    MS Office Suite

    Google Analytics


    Public Speaking


    I'm all ears. And eyes.

    New York, NY

    (908) 758-3565